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We would love to have you join us!

There are lots of ways you can visit and worship with us: in person (with or without a mask), on zoom by clicking the link on the homepage, and by livestreaming from our facebook group.

We are a United Methodist Church of believers living in the beautiful hills of mid-Maine near the capital of our wonderful state. Our lives intertwine in worship, bible study, fellowship, programming, and in so many other areas. There is always a new connection to be made. We are blessed to also partner with Kents Hill School an academic site next door for high schoolers from around the globe. The Spirit stretches our hearts and minds as we connect with mission sites just down the road at the Mount Vernon Food Pantry, points west with the United Methodist Economic Ministry, points south in New Jersey, and as far away as the US Gulf Coast, Florida, and Haiti. We are a community that hears children's giggles and soft amens during community prayer and shares challenging conversation about the intersection of sacred scripture and busy lives. 

When do I come worship? 


Where do I park?

Across the street in the parking lot in front of the cemetery 

What do I wear?

Be your authentic self!

If that means jeans and flip flops - cool! If that means a suit and tie or a dress - also cool! 

What if I am not a Christian?

Every one who wishes to explore and learn about Christ is welcome! 

What if I haven't been to a service before - will I know how to follow along?

We seek to be accessible to everyone so we give out bulletins that guide you through the service - nothing needs to be learned ahead of time. 

You are Always Welcome Here - So Come Explore Today! 




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